James Macanufo

Maplewood, MO


I enjoy helping people see, understand and do things. As an independent designer and facilitator, I feel very lucky to be able to help teams move from idea to execution- whether that idea is their strategic plan, a new service design, or a future vision for their community. I’ve worked with the Department of Education and the Department of Defense, with high-tech giants and small startups, and have enjoyed learning from and working with them all alike.

Along the way, I wrote Gamestorming with Sunni Brown and Dave Gray, which captures some of what I’ve learned about “things that work” in designing effective, collaborative experiences.

I began my career as an infographics geek and journalist, and have led the consulting practice of XPLANE, the Visual Thinking Company. I co-founded Signal Workshop in 2012 to explore projects and experiments at the intersection of people and data.

Currently I design games, teach, and continue to help people and organizations working on the near future.